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SMS PASSCODE provides adaptive multi-factor authentication. SMS PASSCODE improves enterprise security and ensures safety of corporate networks and applications.

SMS PASSCODE provides a superior user experience by taking full advantage of contextual information such as login behavior patterns.

SMS PASSCODE secures remote access systems, including Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco and Checkpoint.


CM is a mobile messaging company. CM offers a number of authentication applications, using SMS and voice messages to grant users secured access to an online work environment or online banking, among other things.

The most important technology for authentication is One Time Password (OTP). CM is the leading SMS supplier for the Dutch government and One Time Password solutions.

CM provides a free test account for immediate testing. Your connection will be monitored 24/7 and supported by CM's Network Operation Center. CM guarantees a high throughput and low latency and is connected to over 180 countries.


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