SMS PASSCODE is a technological leader in adaptive multi-factor authentication. SMS PASSCODE improves enterprise security and productivity by delivering an easy to use and intelligent solution that ensures the safety of corporate networks and applications.

SMS PASSCODE provides a superior user experience by taking full advantage of contextual information such as login behavior patterns and geo-location to assess the threat level and automatically adjust the level of user authentication needed.

Governments, telecom operators, enterprises and financial institutions in more than 40 countries appreciate its cost-effective, secure and easy-to-maintain offering, making SMS PASSCODE their trusted security partner. SMS PASSCODE secures remote access systems, including Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco and Checkpoint.


CM helps your company to be more successful by sending SMS text messages. Everyone can receive a SMS text message. CM sends SMS text messages quickly and securely. CM sends over 2 million SMS text messages every day for companies and to domestic and foreign users.

Quick communication is critical for CM, our clients and end-users. There are direct connections to operators in 20 European countries. In other countries, CM communicates closely with the leading local party to ensure the highest level of service.

CM invests in reliability. Reliability is essential when working for large financial institutions, government agencies and TV stations. Not only is this reliability embedded in our technical systems, but also in our administration which is fully controlled through regular audits by Deloitte.